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Would you use cocaine-based cement? In Ecuador they make it possible!

Would it be crazy if I told you that the cocaine that is taken from criminals can be used to make cement?

Well yes, in the country Ecuador, located in South America, more than 400 tons of cocaine were seized from the cartels in two years, but how do they neutralize so much cocaine in the country? Can there be anything useful to do with it? An unusual solution was put in place to control the amount of this drug seized, to produce concrete.

The process is called “encapsulation”, the cocaine blocks are crushed and mixed with other materials, including expired drugs, medical waste, glass and miscellaneous garbage. Everything is pulverized and then mixed with cement, sand and water to produce building material. In my personal opinion it seems to me that it is a quick way to solve the fate of the large amount of cocaine that can be seized, but is it the best solution to the real problem, drug trafficking? A question I leave for your own analysis.

It has been said that it is much safer than burning it (I certainly agree with this), the incineration method can cause serious damage to the environment, you know that garbage and other wastes are channeled this way but that the drug also enters in that combo is already too much. So, would you like to give me your opinion about this new method in Ecuador, will it be an example for the rest of the countries in the world?

You have to take into account that this would work perfect in any part of the world if corruption did not get its hands in this situation, bringing drugs back to the streets.

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