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Youngsam – Bonding through music

Sixto Samuel Flores better known as Youngsam, music producer and HipHop artist born in Caracas / Venezuela in 1988, tells us today about his artistic work, linking two Latin American countries through music. Enjoy it!

Astrid: When did your interest in music begin?

Youngsam: Because of my Dominican roots from a very young age I was surrounded by music everywhere, although in my family there were no musicians as such, my interest in learning an instrument or knowing how they achieved such great sounds and lyrics was always in me, until around 11 or 12 years old I met a corduroy who played guitar and another who played drums and they began to teach me some techniques and although at the time I did not deepen, I was fed by that desire to discover more. About 15 years old between my brother and several friends we created a hiphop group called “HIPHOP DYNASTY”.

Astrid: For you, what is Hip hop as an urban expression?

Youngsam: More than an urban expression, it is a lifestyle, a tool to transmit the message of generations and that they endure over time through its 4 elements.

Astrid: What was the first artist or crew you did fusion with?

Youngsam: In 2005 I met Oscar Karaha known as “KKROTO” one of the pillars of the hiphop movement in Venezuela, founder along with other brothers of the crew known as “fortaleza’s clan” which brought together different Rap groups that at the time already had a trajectory of several years. With my group at that time we had several songs playing in the street, we had presented several concerts locally and I had already started in the world of music production, and by 2006 ‘Kkroto’ decided to join this clan.

Astrid: Do you have any upcoming projects that you want to share with us?

Youngsam: I recently got together with 3 artists; FabrioxSoul, Dagger D and Soul Rebellion and released a musical project entitled “FINLAND” which is available on all digital platforms. After this project I tell you that for these next months comes a project of several artists from my area (GUATIRE, VENEZUELA) “VERDE LIMON REMIX” and a song and video with a brother from the Dominican Republic ‘MCKARIO’, this will be entitled “LOS DOMI”, they are already 50% working each.

Astrid: What is the experience of continuing to work in your native country like?

Youngsam: Venezuela is a country that has many talents, working here is always rewarding and an experience nourished in knowledge, I believe in my opinion and from experiences, that in Latin America there is no other country with so much diversity at the level of music, production and other expressions. Since a few years ago it has been references for many world-class artists.

Astrid: Do you have an artist who will influence you?

Youngsam: I don’t have an artist that I tell you that influences me in everything, but I can tell you that each artist is like a book and even if it is in the least they have contributed something to me, both musicians, producers or sound engineers.

Astrid: What kind of tools does a music producer use?

Youngsam: In this digital age there are many options when it comes to producing music, it all depends on the comfort of what you need. Really already having any ‘DAW’ you have a world full of tools to achieve your goals, I always recommend the musical standard “PRO TOOLS”.

Astrid: Do you think your expressive medium can make a social impact?

Youngsam: Of course, in fact I have my music label “ALUCINOGENOZREC” in which for years we have been working with many low-income chamos helping them achieve their dreams in this musical medium, we have had the experience in occasions of corduroy that have been in the bad life and have left all that behind to dedicate themselves to achieving their goals both musically and music production and other areas.

Astrid: Do you also rap (sing)?

Youngsam: Absolutely! Since about 2003 I started rapping.

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

Youngsam: Of course, this is my lifestyle, my way of life, I think that if I wasn’t discovered, music wouldn’t really be living.

Thank you very much to Youngsam for allowing me today to talk with him about his wonderful work, for me it is always an honor to be able to know more about these great artists. I invite you to follow him on his social networks and digital platforms.

Social media:
Instagram: @youngsam347 @alucinogenozrec
Facebook: YoungSam Alucina
Spotify: youngsam Youtube: youngsam

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