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Lindsey Stirling: Seemingly surprising, but boring.

Can classical music enchant the young generation of listeners? Definitely. In recent times, I have noticed a great return of artists to their roots.

More and more often we hear bold combinations of real instruments with electronic beats. This is also the case with the young composer, dancer and artist Lindsey Stirling, who successfully indulges in musical experiments.

Born in 1986, absorbed from an early age in playing the violin, she delighted American audiences by taking part in the fifth edition of America's Got Talent. Although she was eliminated in the quarterfinals, she did not disappear from the music scene. On the contrary. Further publicity was provided by social networks and Youtube. The unique combination of classical violin with electronic, dubstep rhythm made the whole world love it.Her debut album, simply titled "Lindsey Stirling", was released in 2012. Only now, after thirteen months, the album has come to Polish.Each of the twelve instrumental pieces carries a message, as if the artist wanted to convey something to her listeners. At the same time, without imposing any clues, it leaves a wide field for their interpretation.

For this reason, I will refrain from describing each piece in turn, and I will bring the whole closer to it. However, before I do so, I must mention the commercial success of the most recognizable piece of the young violinist "Crystallize". Striking with its simplicity, and yet extremely addictive, in less than two years it reached as many as 75 million views on the above-mentioned Youtube website. There is also nothing revealing in the video itself. Charming Lindsey walks dancing and playing in the incredibly picturesque ice palace. So, moving on to the rest of the album, it happens very similarly. Everything is so banally made, and yet it attracts attention. Why is this happening? Probably because in times of complicated, fast music, we need something like a springboard. So, as if on cue, we get calm notes here without losing the spirit of progress, where synthesizers add light electronic-dubstep flavors. This means that even the biggest haters of woob woob'ów, at least silence this album. Everything is beautiful, nice, but as usual, each stick has two ends. So let me put it bluntly, the album is monotonous. After listening to a few tracks, I literally got bored. Yes, listening to individual tracks seems to be innovative and stunning, but as a whole, it loses a lot. How much can you listen to the same thing..? It is perfect as a background, an addition to perform some more absorbing activities or, on the contrary, to chill on the couch after a hard day at work.

This is the new Lindsey Stirling album. As in the title, seemingly surprising, but boring. Right, the experiment is cool, but I'm curious what to do next… Will it surprise us with something else? Will we get another similar instrumental record? Perhaps the young artist should limit herself only to the Internet, continuing to effectively cover existing compositions.

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