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SPLOT pres. BATU @ Ciało Wrocław

11.03.2023 – Ciało, Wrocław

Batu (Omar McCutcheon) is a phenomenal electronic music producer, oscilating around dubstep, 2step, techno and other heavyweight genres. Its special formula combines daring sound experiments with built-in sound system bass influences to stay ahead of it.

As a publisher responsible for the selection on his own, a very consistent timedance label, he additionally builds up his own creativity. This year saw the release of his long-awaited debut album “Opal”, preceded by well known releases on Hessle Audio, XL and Livity Sound.

Batu offering protection palette of industrial subtleties and non-obvious club rhythms refined with the precision of a microscope. Mc Cutcheon brings this part of the source to his DJ sets, which collect sounds from the dance scene around the world and work in real flow mode. Batu will be hosted by Splot collective on March 11th at Ciało club, Wrocław. Don’t miss!





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