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Spanish Inquisition, or 10 covers that will ruin your music world

I have been living in Spain for two months. A few people jokingly call me "amargado" here, which is best translated into English as "hater". These are, of course, slander and slander, and the fact that I will present you with "10 covers that will ruin your musical world" does not prove anything.

Young musicians have always learned to play by repeating songs composed by someone else. This is a form of learning, training. Covers very often go outside the training room and go to official releases. They get there for five reasons:
1. The cover is quite different from the original. It shocks, broadens musical horizons, leaves the listener dumbfounded;
2. The cover is played better than the original;
3. The cover artist thinks his version is better than the original;
4. The desire to make easy money. Mindless copying of a hit from years ago;
5. Cover as a tribute, a tribute to another artist
(the above points can occur in countless combinations).
However, this is not surprising, because covering, unlike sampling, is legal for some reason.

I will begin the destruction with the "king". Chuck D once rapped "Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant sh*t to me. Straight up racist that s*cker was simple and plain (…) ". I don't agree with Chuck one hundred percent, but you have to admit that Elvis was a hypocrite. On the one hand, he said that "the only thing black people can do for me is clean my shoes and buy my records", on the other hand, he copied songs from musicians with darker skin tones. I know of over one hundred and fifteen covers of the "king" (including the most famous "Blues Suade Shoes"), and there were probably more.

Music legends recording in a similar period also did covers, but with more respect for the original artists. In the 60s, when blues and rock-and-roll became popular among white youth, a cover of a blues classic guaranteed success. The Rolling Stones borrowed the name of the group and the first hit on their debut album from Moody Waters, whom they have been fascinated with since childhood. The Beatles, looking for musical inspirations, also looked to the West.

The issue of jazz standards is different (a.k.a. American classical music) and Jamaican riddims. In these two cases, repeating themes and playing songs by other artists is common and normal. Musicians of these genres usually did not feel offended that their music found its way to the albums of other artists.


There was some music from our grandparents and parents, now it's time for the music of the generation of the 80s and 90s. For starters, 1992 and two huge hits, covers of #1# numbers from the 70s.

and (Attention, you didn't expect that!)

A little closer to the turn of the century.


and the youngest of the ten alternative cover of an alternative singer (combo!)

Finally, I will give an example of how covering you can forget about the original artist. Everyone knows the song "Feeling good". This song has been covered so many times over the last half century that it is impossible not to know it. In my opinion, in the twenty-first century, the gentlemen from Muse (2001) coped best with the performance of this song. In this version it is known to the young generation. Those who rummage in antiques will say, "Muse, where's that! After all, this is Nina Simone's number!" but now I'm going to surprise them too."
Feeling good" they wrote in 1964. Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, and performed by Gilbert Price during the performance "The Roar Of The Greasepaint – The Smell Of The Crowd". Moments later, John Coltrane recorded an instrumental version of the song, giving it the sound we know it today. Nina Simone was third, based the melody of her interpretation on a Coltrane cover and thus created an unsurpassed masterpiece that cast a shadow on the original creators.

A cover in accordance with the letter of the law can be obtained only after receiving a written consent from the composer of the music and the author of the text of a given work for the artistic performance of his work. All this to give back what is due to the original creators. However, to find out who to worship, you have to do some research, and the results of this search may turn out to be more surprising than the Spanish Inquisition.

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