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SFORA | Music camp: Unlearning

14-17.06.2024, Rajgród

Unlearn everything you know about festivals! SFORA invites you to artistic UNLEARNING.

Are you a veteran of the club scene, but the thought of another concert in front of crowds at a big party makes you not want to do anything? Or maybe you’ve never been to a festival before and are looking for a good place to start this adventure? No matter what you have in mind when you think “summer festival”, get rid of it immediately! SFORA is an event that redefines an outdoor event.  

Imagine summer art camps during which you will meet wonderful, open people and take care not only of having fun, but also of your soul, mind and body! Each festival day will be a combination of niche electronic music, visual arts, movement, deepening relationships with nature, healthy cooperation, mutual support and networking. SFORA is a space that, in addition to great fun and relaxation, aims to promote local artists from the Polish and Eastern European scene, combine their experiences, and then transform them in the unlearning process into a new quality, enhanced by creative solutions of festival goers from different communities and generations.

There will also be workshops – daily yoga, voguing and mindfulness classes, but also VJ-ing lessons conducted by experienced artists.

During this year’s edition of the festival, the organizing team placed even greater emphasis on the integration of musical and visual arts. By promoting the idea of equality of various fields of art, SFORA wants to show through its program that people involved in VJing should be appreciated on the same level as DJs. That is why we have implemented many innovative and unusual solutions that distinguish SFORA from other summer events:

– We will have two stages, limited to one music style or atmosphere. The music and atmosphere on each dancefloor will develop in accordance with the daily cycle of our festival microcosm. The scenes will be in constant symbiosis, dynamically changing their character.

For the third time, SFORA will be held on the premises of a post-PRP holiday resort from the 1990s, located at the picturesque Rajgródzkie Lake in Podlasie. Participants of these unusual camps will have at their disposal the entire area of the center, with sanitary and catering facilities, accommodation with separate bathrooms in a hotel or a camping site. Meals will include traditional Polish dishes and vegan options. The organizers will also provide organized transport from Warsaw to the festival site.

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