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Saundino Marín – Music and poetry

Today we are talking with Saundino Marín, Venezuelan artist, musician, poet and he tells us how his artistic experience has been and what his goal is about. Enjoy it!

Astrid: When did you discover music and in what form?

Saundino: I discovered music from a very young age I grew up in a home with an artist father and music lover also my mother enjoyed music a lot and there was a lot of that in my house besides that in those times cable television was coming to the neighborhood and it was the golden age of MTV and so little by little I became a music lover and since elementary school I began to have my collection of pirated discs and already entering as such to music was later as at age 14 I began to study music with my first teachers Arnoldo Sergas and Carlos Grimaldo and then with Maestro Efraín Silva finally my teachers were the street in the musical sense and other parallel senses and my brothers of life and music with whom we created a Band called Tierra Buena that would later be La Comparsa Crowd.

Astrid: What other artistic work do you do?

Saundino: I dedicate myself to music since I was a teenager I always had an almost natural inclination towards it may be some genetic inheritance I do not know but before discovering musical instruments or singing my instruments were pencils and colors since childhood I spent hours drawing in my room, I created characters of my imagination synthesis of the characters I saw in the comiquitas and series of the moment then at the same time of music I also found literature, the books in my house were common objects of a thousand pages, with images, old books and others with the smell of new, novels and poems and I began to open those books and discover other more complex worlds a little distant from the power rangers or the planet of Kaiosama of Dragon Ball but they were also new worlds and that incited me once More to create my own imaginaries in that way I began to write my first literary exercises and then I found poetic language … I can say that it is between drawing, possession and music where I have always found my passage to creativity.

Astrid: What genre of music defines you as an artist?

Saundino: It is difficult to answer that because it is difficult to define oneself but I could maybe give a genre to each of the moments or eras of life then for me adolescence would be rock because well adolescence and rock get along very well then I began to look in other directions and those were the times when reggae took a great boom in the city of Maracay and it was then that I changed. The black flannels for my first dreads, that only in appearance because knowing another culture and another genre never meant abandoning the previous one, if it was to change the clothing and the codes but once you fall in love with a musical genre it is irreplaceable and if you really love music you simply make your heart bigger to receive there other genres … so in that way came salsa, bolero, the reunion with Latin American music, hiphop and funk with R & B and soul, etc … discover things that already existed decades ago try to understand what happens there what is currently done …. If I had to define my gender I would be a Panmusical person.

Astrid: What is the message you want to convey in your songs?

Saundino: It is complex I do not want to convey a message that has not been transmitted because it would be impossible, according to the literary tradition there are only three major themes; life, love and death. Maybe I want to show a little my way of seeing the world, to deal with these three great themes around which our life takes place I would like to include there a fourth theme that is time, as the great theme that is present in everything else because paraphrasing a little the biblical words there is a time to live, A time to love and one to die, maybe my current problem is not the message I want to convey but how I do it that form that I give that message so that others feel invited to listen to it and then to share it which is what makes music concrete that moment in which you hear something that moves you in such a way that you feel the need to share it with someone else.

Astrid: Any artists who have influenced you?

Saundino: I have been influenced by many artists throughout my life I could make a list maybe with a hundred artists or more but I always wonder why I feel influenced towards them and I think I will come to the conclusion that an artist influences me only when listening to him does not automatically refer me to anyone else I do not resemble anything heard before and maybe if it resembles something but to know what it is I must investigate a little more because there is a number of current artists copying other artists shamelessly and without any gesture of originality that does not influence me at all but the artist who is inspired by another and gives originality to his work at the same time inspires me and influences me

Astrid: Have you participated in events nationally and internationally?

Saundino: If I have never gone out to represent the country with my artistic work more if I have participated in many activities and events throughout the country I have been with my current project and with my first project the Comparsa Marabunta in different Festivals such as the other beta, suena caracas, fimven, ciclo sonara, also private events in premises in the tiger, Maturín, we were in the city of Acarigua a point of much artistic and musical activity, I have also participated with poetry in activities and recitals in Barquisimeto and Mérida and also in different places of the State of Aragua.

Astrid: What do you think is the social impact of your artistic work?

Saundino: Perhaps the social impact of all artistic activity is not only in the message itself that can reach many ears and even change certain ways of seeing things but in the message that is not said but in what is seen in what is transmitted from action and being, of what you are when someone sees you and says pussy I can be there and sing and play and hesitate like that corduroy like those corduroys there playing and enjoy what I do what I can learn… Of course it is of social impact because art educates, transforms, moves and changes things is not something merely recreational I without an artistic life would be nothing maybe an automaton in front of a computer clicking and I am that thanks to my current work but while I am clicking I am asking myself things and I do it because art has taught me to ask myself things and to renounce certainties.

Astrid: Have you done collaborations with other artists? Which?

Saundino: I have made several collaborations with producers and artists Starting with reggae Together with George Dread we made the dub album of the compars “Escuchandub” where an army of impressive reggae artists and producers participated such as Raul Mota, Chonto, Dr norrys and a lot of other national and foreign artists. I participate in a song of my brothers from the Empireo hip hop project where I participate at the same time as part of the team in the musical production, Miguel Martinez vocalist of roots, Milo, Will Dreina are other super talented artists with whom musical collaborations have been given and recorded.

Astrid: Do you currently work as a solo artist or with a band?

Saundino: I work in both ways according to the circumstances my current band is still the comparsa marabunta that has become a kind of Backing Band to accompany artists always from the perspective of making good music with solidity something that always characterized the comparsa the solidity in the sound. For the rest of the things interviews or small events I can be accompanied by a corduroy musician and go alone even with a dj … You can go alone with the sword and the shield or accompanied by an army always according to each battle and the adventures that are going to be faced.

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

Saundino: I would do for the rest of my life and the lives I have to live because as Nietzsche said sitting in front of a piano: “Life without music would be a mistake.”

As always an honor for me to conduct these interviews, grateful to Saundino for allowing me to talk with him today, I invite you to follow him on his social networks.

Social media:Instagram: @saundino

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