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Ricardo Sarabia Photographer

Today we are with Ricardo Sarabia, Venezuelan integral artist, today he tells us part of his artistic work. Enjoy it!

Astrid: What artistic work have you developed throughout your life?

Ricardo: I started studying culinary arts in 2006.
Simultaneously I took courses at the “César Rengifo” of dramaturgy and narrative.
Since 2002 I was very inclined to writing (poetry and descriptive narrative) with 12 years and that led me to seek knowledge on the subject.
Since 2007 I managed to buy my first digital camera and with it to develop everything I know today in terms of audiovisual production, photography and digital post-productions.
Through a collective and empirical development we are trained in different graphic techniques such as screen printing. Digital rendering and photo/montages.

Astrid: What branch of art do you identify with the most?

Ricardo: The 7th art. Cinema, directing, editing, lighting, photography.

Astrid: Can you relate photography to painting and achieve an artistic fusion?

Ricardo: They are clearly related in execution and technique especially why I see painting as something that must be expressed on a large scale and the best way to raise, sketch, is through photographic techniques and digital photomontages and today that digital composition is a work of art that can have more value than the project already executed on a large scale. Creating nfts galleries.

Astrid: Have you participated in events, exhibitions, forums, nationwide? Tell us about that and what artistic work you participated with.

Ricardo: I exhibited a photograph in gigantography for a month at the PDVSA La Estancia Cultural Art Center (Caracas / Venezuela), for years I have carried out a macro cultural-artistic project throughout the state of Miranda and part of the Capital District in which I have participated in various experiences and forums.
I have taught several times courses in digital photography. We are currently working to increase our exposure in this current digital dynamic where every day the processes of artistic valuation within the digital world are accelerating more in practically all artistic expressions.

Astrid: Are you an independent artist or do you develop within a crew or collective?

Ricardo: I want the world to be more honest, I want my art to make people feel the same as it makes them feel the truth.

Astrid: What personal message do you try to project when you express yourself artistically?

Ricardo: I am a lover of cinematography and empirical learning, through the appreciation of film composition, my photography are frames and compositions used and recycled for decades in the history of world cinema. I am currently focusing on a project that seeks to record in an explicit, natural way, the different genetic characteristics of the Venezuelan gentilicio mainly feminine.

Astrid: Tell us about your photographic theme.

Ricardo: Beauty. Nature and light, we are lovers of the light of its strength and of what it represents in this reality that we live, for us it is a whole.

Astrid: What social impact do you think your work as an artist can have?

Ricardo: Perhaps the main objective of my art is the social impact that I can achieve since one of my objectives is to break the socio-economic barrier that exists in continents like America and Africa through the arts and then to be able to finance cultural and artistic activities in different places and financing macro projects that modify the aesthetics and culture of specific regions. Art saves, heals and we, its creators, have a responsibility to the rest of our fellow human beings.

Astrid: Between digital and manual tools, which is more comfortable for you?

Ricardo: I believe in revolutions and changes, also in the adaptability of humans. The techniques that historically led us to where we are should not die, but it is also necessary to socialize the new trends and techniques, that more people have access to new digital technologies not only in photography but in different expressions. We are in a digital age and we must know how to express ourselves in it.

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

Ricardo: It is not easy to make definitive decisions in life, especially when we are “children of ruperts and Marys” but only perseverance leads you to greatness and we must have confidence that this is the way we are able to create! Today it is already a reality for me and I never intend to get rid of where I am stepping, nor to express through my arts, the greatness of the universe that we carry inside.

Thanks to Ricardo for allowing me to conduct this interview today!
For me it is always an honor to share with wonderful artists.
I invite you to follow Ricardo on his social networks.

Social media:
Instagram: @el_jaguart

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