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Remake “El Incomprendido” by Beto, Orestes and Neutro

A remake that will leave you speechless. Do you remember Ismael Rivera, also known as Maelo, the Puerto Rican-born Salsa singer?

The song “El Incomprendido” is a Latin music classic that was composed by Bobby Capó. The original version, performed by Puerto Rican singer Ismael Rivera, became a worldwide hit and remains one of the most popular songs of all time.

In 2023, three exemplary Venezuelan musicians decided to join forces to record a modern version of this song. Orestes Gómez, multi-instrumentalist, Alberto “Beto” Montenegro, vocalist of the same band, and Liomar Acosta, better known as Neutro Shorty, rap/trap artist, embarked on this project with the intention of giving a new twist to this classic song.

Orestes Gómez is a versatile musician who has widely explored different musical genres. He is known for his talent as a drummer, but also plays other instruments. Beto Montenegro is the lead vocalist of Rawayana, one of Venezuela’s most successful bands. The band is known for its fusion of rock, reggae, pop and other musical influences. Neutro Shorty is a rap/trap artist who has gained international recognition for his unique style and explicit lyrics.

The collaboration of these three artists was a resounding success. The Venezuelan version of “El Incomprendido” is a unique blend of musical styles that preserves the essence of the original song. Neutro Shorty’s voice, in particular, is a striking contrast to Ismael Rivera’s, but it works perfectly.
The Venezuelan version of “El Incomprendido” is a song that celebrates the diversity of Venezuelan music. It shows that music has no borders and that artists from different genres can work together to create something new and exciting.
Without further ado, I highly recommend this release! Enjoy it.

Photo by @vanessarotinoco via Instagram by @rawayana

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