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Pioneer DJM-A9 is here!

The Pioneer DJM-A9 is a brand new range of Pioneer DJ installation mixers and inherits design elements and some functionality from the flagship DJM-V10 mixer.

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The A9 hardware is the next evolution of years of work on DJ equipment and cooperation with professional DJs, offering the highest possible sound quality, working in a DJ / Live environment and full software integration with DJ software and unprecedented control possibilities. The DJM-A9 mixer is a four-channel unit with a built-in 2 x USB audio interface for full integration with DJ software, including dedicated Pioneer Rekordbox DJ and recently Serato DJ Pro.

The built-in ESS Technology 32-bit A/D converter provides clear and natural sound for all genres of music, while redesigned channel faders and MAGVEL FADER crossfader enable smoother mixing and scratching. The mixer also includes 14 Beat FX, including 3 new ones, and an upgraded mic section with phantom power and 3 mic effects. The DJM-A9 has two USB ports for seamless DJ switching and a Bluetooth/MD input for playing tracks from mobile devices. The Stagehand app allows frontline teams to remotely monitor and control functions via iPad. The DJM-A9 is compatible with both rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.

New in the DJM-A9 are: A microphone section offering two inputs / including one Combo with Fantom power / EQ for each of the two inputs effects processor and separate reverb; New Sound Color FX; Booth listening equalization; Two Cue sections for Headphones 1 and Headphones 2; and Multi I/O for sending and returning to a given mixer channel; Internal MIDI clock for clocking external USB devices with Start/Stop button; New beat FX : Mobius and Tripple Filter. For additional riders, the system also offers access to the Stagehand app, which will enable control and wireless insight into the operation of the new DJM-A9 mixer and CDJ-3000 player from a mobile device.

In the Sound Color FX section, the DJM-A9 features a new potentiometer that allows even more precise control over the new 14 volume X-Pan controlled effects with the ability to select the frequency of Head/Mid/Hi at which they will be applied. In addition, the Multi/IO section allows you to send any channel to connected external FX devices, including e.g. iPad with applications. In addition, users can benefit from four phono inputs, DVS support and, above all, two USB sockets with the possibility of connecting PC / Mac computers.

Enhanced Digital Processing: 64-bit processing delivers a warm, natural sound
96kHz/24-bit 2 x USB sound card is a direct digital connection: for accurate reproduction of high-quality music

New power section: eliminates internal interference
Improved analog input: new phono input circuitry and GND jack Improved EQ and fader curves

Two Mic inputs with EQ and a powerful reverb processor

New EQ: even finer control of treble, mid and bass sounds More precise clip indicators: new gain structure ensures that the indicators do not turn red too early

Peak Limiter: Minimizes distortion even at high volume levels

Detailed FX Control and Send/Return Support 6 Sound Color FX, New Sweep Effect, New Potentiometer for Effect Sensitivity 14 Beat FX Parameters: Ping Pong, Vinyl Brake, Helix, Pitch, Improved Reverb

New, larger X-Pad with OLED screen for even easier control and triggering of effect parameters FX frequency: allows you to choose the frequency of the effects 2 USB ports with switch: for easy switching between two PCs/Macs

4 phono inputs: connect up to 4 additional Pro DJ Link turntables via LAN or USB connect up to 4 decks and use one data source, view track information and access additional advanced features
Connect your PC/Mac and control DJ software (e.g. rekordbox DJ) on all four players Fader Magvel: high-sensitivity magnetic crossfader designed for precision and durability

2 headphone inputs: ¼-inch stereo input and 3.5mm MiniPin Gold-plated RCA jacks: for excellent transmission quality

Inputs: DIGITAL x 4 (coaxial); LINE x 4 (RCA); PHONO x 4 (RCA); MIC x 2 (XLR & 1/4″ TRS jack x 1, 1/4″ TRS jack x 1)

Outputs: MASTER x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1); BOOTH x 1 (1/4″ TRS jack); REC x 1 (RCA); DIGITAL MASTER x 1 (coaxial); PHONES x 4 (1/4″ stereo jack x 2, 3.5-mm stereo mini jack x 2)
USB: USB Type-A x 1; USB Type-B / USB Type-C x 2

Other terminals: SEND (1/4″ TS jack) x 1: RETURN (1/4″ TS jack) x 1; LAN terminal (100BASE-TX) x 1

Frequency response: 20Hz – 40kHz (LINE)

S/N Ratio: 114dB (USB, Digital IN); 88dB (PHONO); 105dB(LINE); 79dB (MIC1, MIC2)
total harmonic distortion; 0.005% (LINE-MASTER1)

Power Consumption: 46W

Dimensions: 407.4 × 458.3 × 107.9 mm

Weight: 10.2 kg / 22.5 lb

Accessories: Power cord; Quick Start Guide;

Compatible Software: Rekordbox; Serato DJ Pro; ShowControl; PRO DJ LINK Bridge, Stagehand

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