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Pierre LX (Initial Cuts) – Holy Cow

London was his home for a long time. He played regularly in Fabric and T Bar. He organized his own series of events in Shoreditch entitled MILLENNIUM DISCO. He invited mainly little-known young artists, who should now be known to anyone who says they know something about the club scene.

He released his first album "Out 1" in 2011 for the French label Initial Cuts, just before moving to Warsaw. Currently, he hosts an online program Sensoria and using his acquaintances, he invites his friends from time to time as part of the Set It Off series ( S_W_Z_K and John Roberts).

In Krakow, he will play with Hadrian from Głęboki Pasma and DJ SZy, who is just paving the way on the club scene. We invite you to the event!

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