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Persil – We tell how to wash Polish Hip-Hop

Laro Kis aka Persil, a rapper who has been living and working in Berlin for years, reveals the backstage of his work on his first solo album and talks about plans for further development. We invite you to a short interview especially for Underton.

Dominic: Your first album FELCZER has just been released. Congratulation! How long did it take to work on it? Can you talk about the message that accompanies this album?

Persil: The album is probably too much to say. I think a micro album of sorts, a microphone, a test, a warm-up for the next releases. The material lasts 19 minutes. The microalbum was created in the first week of May 2022 and I got the mix and master from Augustyn in October, in total it took about 2 months to work: recording, arrangement, mix, master.

The message is very simple: us, love, peace, work.

Dominic: How long have you been making rap and how much time do you spend producing?

Persil: I've been doing rap since I can remember. The beginnings of my adventure with music and most of the things from the past rot on hard drives (and I think that's where they belong).

Or maybe the time will come for them.

Since the family has grown, I have little time for hobbies, but thanks to this I optimized the workshop, I try to devote some time to music every day and when I have more slack in the schedule, I naturally spend more time in the home studio.

Dominic: You live permanently in Berlin. To what extent does this influence your work?

Persil: The city is well organized if you have a family, sometimes too noisy but I have many parks with access to lakes. Berlin, like any large city, provides a large space for anonymity, it gives a lot of room for observation. I feel great here, despite the large scale of anonymous mass, it is easy to build interesting social contacts here.

Dominic: How would you define the current/subgenre of your music?

Persil: Heheh "music", rap / spokenword / background music

Dominic: Do you have foreign or Polish creators who particularly inspire you and influence how you work?

Persil: I listen to many songs from all over the world. I do not have specific guidelines on what and how it should sound but if you ask about rap, the artists who inspire me are young cats from Polish, veterans from the Islands or old dobby from the States but with an idea for themselves, it shows that there are different ways.

Dominic: In addition to rap, do you take part in projects from other genres, such as more electronic or jazz?

I would love to record house or jazz pieces, it's always a new experience, I'm open to cooperation.

Dominic: What is your main motivation and driving force that allows you to move forward?

Persil: I'm most interested in chasing the bunny, not the bunny in the hand, which is the creative process, not the work itself. The work itself in the studio and the emotions that accompany it are the most attractive.

Dominic: Can you be heard live or do you have plans to do so in the future?

I think that events under the banner of open mic / slam / spoken word, i.e. such live poetry is something I would like to do.I'm also thinking about some live acts – man versus bitmachine.

Dominic: Thanks for the meeting! We invite you to listen to the new (micro)album:

FELCZER album on Spotify:



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