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ORIGEN – Kultura Santa

ORIGEN is the seventh album by Kultura Santa, a rap group formed in Guatire by Cesn, Invi and Karnal.

This time they return with the musical production and beats of Jointer, with an underground boombap sound and masterful lyrics that make reference to their trajectory, controversial themes and collaborations with Ice OD and Ghetto 357.

In addition to collaborations at the level of musical production, such as Radio Macoña, DJ Nygma, and DJ Hooch in the cuts. An innovative musical project with a dark sound that characterizes the producer’s own sound with the bars and delivery of three of the best rap writers in the country.

The album was released on 6 June 2023 and has already received critical acclaim. Critics have praised the album’s dark sound, innovative production and the group’s lyrical prowess. ORIGEN is a must-have album for any fan of underground rap.

ORIGEN is a groundbreaking album that is sure to make waves in the underground rap scene. The album is a must for any fan of underground rap and is a testament to the group’s talent and commitment to their craft.

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