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Michell Flores – Skateboarding, more than broken bones!

Michell Flores is a guy who has been skateboarding for approximately 18 years, a Venezuelan born in Carrizal, Venezuela. Today he tells us part of his career as a skateboarder and his experience, let’s see!

What do you like most about skateboarding?

It is an independent sport, which I can share and spend time with my corduroys who practice this sport, which works as a relaxing both physical and mental. Among many other things that are of great advantage.

What motivates you to keep skating?

My partner, my friends, my family and some of that music.

Tricks? Any favorites?

I don’t have a specific trick, I just pick the one I’m failing, and I focus on what’s wrong. Everyone would say, they’re all good. I just don’t have a specific one.

Skills and travel:

Yes in competitions, and in four that I have left: in the first of third, in the second and third of second and in the last I was first. I have traveled within the national territory only, to several states of the country, I have never traveled to skate outside the country.

Have you had any memorable skateboarding experiences?

It’s complicated, the friends who have left this world.

What do you think the future of skateboarding holds?

A lot of good things, although in these times with the country situation I take it as a hobby.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start skating?

Skate, not be afraid. It is a very risky sport, and fear is something that prevents it, but if you like skateboarding practice without any premeditation.

How do you stay fit for skating?

I do warm-up exercises, don’t eat heavy food before I go skating, and stay hydrated.

Injuries within the practice:

Dislocation of the left shoulder, sprain in both ankles, dislocation of the left wrist, apart from an accident that I had training in the skatepark of “Las Minas” they took me out on a stretcher passed out of a strong blow to the head.

How has skateboarding impacted your social life?

Ufff. Quite the skateboarding has been my best companion of life, the skateboarding has given me my great brothers of life, has taught me to do the person that I am today. He has left me many teachings, among thousands of other things.

A skater that comes with music too!

What was your first encounter with music?

When I discovered Punk as music and I started to get into the movement and I started to listen to several American and European bands. In the American bands I listened to The Ramones, Misfits, Rancid, Pennywise, Nofx among many more bands and European bands like La Polla Récords, Eskorbuto, Sociedad Alkoholika, Ska-P and as the years went by I liked more and more the Punk movement. Until I met some friends and I had my first Punk band, and we have played in several places.

What instruments do you play and which one would you like to learn?

The bass is my favorite instrument and the one I have played since I discovered that music is the best thing that exists in this world, and apart from the bass I would like to learn to play drums because it is an instrument that is linked to the bass, if the bass accelerates the rhythm, the drums follow it and vice versa. But for me the bass gives the necessary rhythm to the bands, especially Punk bands.

What are your favorite genres to listen to and to play?

I like Rap, Reggae, Ska, electronic music but my favorite that is the one that elevates my potential and makes me meditate is Punk, Hardcore, and Ska, but to play, Punk, because it is a rebellious genre and speaks in many of his lyrics of protests and rebellion.

How can you relate music and Skateboarding?

They go hand in hand, because skating you can listen to Rap, as you can also listen to Punk, because skateboarding was born from Punk, and there is a genre called Skate-Punk that was born in California in the 80’s and from there everything goes hand in hand with skateboarding.

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I’m a bit separated from music as such, but I do plan to continue with the music and for personal reasons, but in any case I’ll take up music again and I’ll come with everything.

How many bands have you participated in?

The one I started in was in mid-2009, the second in 2015, and the third was the one I played in recently in this same year 2023 in total three bands all Punk.

Do you like to compose, perform or both?

I only compose sounds and I have also written songs, but composing sounds makes me feel better because it frees me from all kinds of stress and elevates my mind to another plane which is why I like to compose and not write songs.

Thanks again for reading us, I hope you enjoyed this conversation of interest in the world of skateboarding!

Follow Michell on his social media to learn more about the next tricks of this skateboarder!

Instagram: @michell_6693

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