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Mari Mariel Graphic Artist

Today we are talking with Mari, graphic artist, Mexican. It tells us part of this beautiful world of engraving.

Astrid: When did you realize that graphic arts were what you wanted to do?

Mari: I realized when I started with the engraving class, from there I felt very connected to the workshop, the whole process that an engraving takes was what caught me.
Something very particular that the graphic has are its processes, in the engraving the carving and then the printing. In the stencil the cut, and with the spray take it to a wall, and the possibilities you have to experiment with colors.

Astrid: What techniques do you use and which one do you like the most?

Mari: I am multidisciplinary, painting, drawing, mural. I like to learn and know several techniques, and thus be able to experiment with the results and thus be able to solve my work with different processes. Drawing and Engraving might be my favorite.

Astrid: What objective or message do you manage in your works?

Mari: I feel like you can find some mysticism; Connection with nature, the soul, I seek a reconnection with childhood and memory. My roots are very present, some people can identify with that, a constant introspection, I call it metaphors of life.

Astrid: Do you have an artist who will influence you?

Mari: Swoon is an artist I admire a lot, I love her monumental graphic work. Also friends who are dedicated to the medium are an inspiration and influence, more than competition, motivates me to continue working.

Astrid: Have you exhibited nationally and internationally? Tell us about it.

Mari: The most recent exhibition was in Valencia Spain XVI International Biennial of Engraving “Josep de Ribera” XÁTIVA. For me it is very important to have been selected in this biennial that is international, which receives works from different parts of the world and share a room with such good artists.
At the national level, I have also participated in biennials such as the “Shinzaburo Takeda” group exhibitions such as “Mujeres grabando” and “Mujeres en la Gráfica Oaxaqueña” among others, and national 3 individual exhibitions.

Astrid: About how many works do you have?

Mari: Between murals, painting, drawing and engraving, I think exceeding 60 pieces, I do not keep an exact count at the moment.

Astrid: What other trades do you do outside of the graphic arts and how do you relate them to each other?

Mari: I think it would be the craft of painting, I like sewing the relationship with printing the fabric and generating bags, at some point I did it with a fashion designer and I liked the result a lot.

Astrid: Do you think your artistic work has a social impact?

Mari: In community workshops for children I have seen that impact, but in general I think that art will always have it in society, it is something that helps and sensitizes us as humans.

Astrid: What materials do you use when working?

Mari: Linoleum, gouges, cutter, markers, pencils and paper.

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

Mari: Yes! It is something that I would like to dedicate the rest of my life, it is already part of me and my essence, always continue learning and knowing more about this artistic world.

Thanks to Marie for this wonderful interview, graphic art is an interesting world and I invite you to follow her on her social networks.

Social media:
Instagram: @mari_mariel_l

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