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La Siren La Ziren – Female magical sound

Charm, magic, strength, femininity, sound. This beautiful and magical project comes from two beautiful and talented women, they tell us today what their vibe is about and their concept, it’s a trip I assure you!

What inspired you to create the Lyricaltronic genre?

The genre as such is a kind of synthesis to say that Andrea is electronic music and Janis is a lyrical voice (also popular but the operatic voices stand out). Likewise, we want to express that the lyrical is the poetry that one has both in the lyrics and in the use of noise. Our executive producer was the one who invented that term and we thank him very much, it highlights our essence.

What are the challenges and rewards of working as a duo?

The challenges we have is to continue creating from our uniqueness and make ourselves known. For example, electronic music is very broad, very elaborate in some cases and very simple in others. We want to do both without taking away the possibility of improvising or adding more acoustic instruments, since the guitar is present in our duo. We would also like to focus on the Venezuelan public, that our territory knows us and grows musically with us. The advantages of working as a duo is that two heads are better than one lol.

How do you balance your electronic and lyrical influences?

Well, we both have influences from both styles. Andrea listened to opera since she was a child with her grandfather who was a music lover, that sound is not forgotten, it is very bombastic. Likewise, one of Janis’s favorite musicians is Bjork, so there is no escape, we were both born to merge; balance is achieved to the extent that work is done and we allow ourselves to be affected by what each one proposes without bias of any kind.

How is your creative process?

As we said before, we are very sensitive to each other, each one of us has a very rich creative world and we are not ashamed to propose things to each other. Opening up as friends has also been very important, we are confidants, sisters who accompany each other in daily life, who advise and tune each other. We take that harmony that exists in friendship to the same plane as music and that’s why it works. We have had misunderstandings like everyone else but La Siren La Ziren goes beyond those mishaps. We give each other time, we have affection and patience. We support each other as women and artists.

What are your goals for the future?

In the near future we would like to compose and record more smoothly. The first album was hit hard by the pandemic, and when we went into the studio we hadn’t rehearsed enough. In the medium term we would like to attend festivals, with more tools, that is why it is so important for us to play and open those spaces where music plays live.

What advice would you give to other female musicians?

It’s good that no musical genre is typical of any sexual genre, and that the objective of making music is to grow personally, to express what one feels by testing rhythms and sounds. Nothing is fixed, one at 17 composes one thing and then at 30 is in another. Focus on the heart and find good companions who value your heartbeat, emotions and tastes of the moment, while surrounding yourself with people who enrich you even if they are very, very different from you (that is even better in some cases). Not be limited by technology, nor by the brand of instruments, nor by industry, nor by academia. Music is for whoever needs to make it.

What inspired you to write the song “Agua Viva”?

In the waters of Venezuelan rivers and seas.

What do you hope listeners take away from the song?

The love we have for our country.

How does the song reflect your experiences as Venezuelan women?

Well Agua Viva is a theme to celebrate us in the waters of our territory, not everyone can bathe in a river 365 days a year. Here you go up to Avila and ready there is a pure spring that awaits you, no city in the world has that. It is a miracle of nature, women do miracles from the womb and although it sounds cliché, life is water, earth is life. We wanted to ingratiate ourselves with that energy.

How important are the Amazon rivers in the song?

Well, Amazon is the future, the world is littered with garbage and suddenly you have that jungle that everyone geopolitically speaking has set their sights on. In our opinion, we must take care of that area of the country collectively, not only from a State initiative.

How does the water element represent Caribbean culture?

Mermaids are represented in many ancient cultures, including some from the Caribbean. Its element is water, we were amphibians and we assume that the deepest world of our psyche is aquatic. The Caribbean should be a park connected by easily accessible sea lanes. Attempts have been made to make it a more interconnected region, but much work remains to be done for that to happen. Imagine a united and prosperous Caribbean not only for tourists but also for locals, it is an aquatic, insular, coastal, railway dream.

What are your plans for the release and promotion of the song?

The song is on all digital platforms. But we would love to perform it with drums and all the fanfare that characterizes us. Playing it, for example, at a festival on the beach, we need these initiatives. We still don’t have a secure video clip plan, but we have already outlined a script, hopefully we can carry it out.

For me it is a great honor to be able to share with you this wonderful interview, these girls have a release of their album ‘La Siren La Ziren’ soon, which will be quite an event in the city of Caracas, here I also leave all this information.

I also leave you with the Pre-save!

And of course here their social networks and digital platforms:

Instagram: @lasirenlaziren


1.Portada disco @juanolmedillo (Juan Olmedillo)

2.@guslagsem (Gustavo Lagarde)

3. Y 4. @p3p510 (Pablo Peña)

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