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Geduis Salcedo Integral artist

Today we are with Geduis Salcedo (Pipo) Caraqueño born in 1989, he tells us a small journey through the different artistic works he does. Enjoy it!

Astrid: What artistic work have you developed throughout your life?

Geduis: During my life I have had the joy of being able to experiment in several fields of the arts from the scenic as it has been theater and circus, poetry, sculpture and what refers to the plastic arts that is with which I keep expressing myself until today, drawing, illustration, painting, I photograph and 6 years ago tattooing has become another way to show myself as an artist.

Astrid; What branch of art do you identify with the most?

Geduis: Without a doubt the tattoo, the photography, the painting especially in this time that I feel that the concept has been overvalued and the expression has gone to the background, for my part the brushstrokes is a fragment of person that remains in the work and the tattoo is nothing more than painting a different format, It supplants the canvas by the skin and it could be said that they are walking works, on the other hand photography seems so versatile and powerful, it is silent poetry, you can say so much without saying anything.

Astrid: Can you relate photography to painting and achieve an artistic fusion?

Geduis: I think the biggest relationship is that both use the visual field as a means for creation while to paint I allow myself vision, in photography that role is fulfilled by the lens but both are sustained by the image, an image is necessary to express whether figurative or not, if it is true that photography displaced the method of expression that painting had, This (photography) allowed us from a single frame or image to obtain a breadth of discourse and possibilities according to the shot or approach we give it, currently there are ways to merge both, the simple fact of registering a pictorial work or intervening a photograph with brushstrokes, lately everything is based more on the argument.

Astrid: Have you participated in events, exhibitions, forums, nationwide? Tell us about that and what artistic work you participated with.

Geduis: I was in some transitory exhibitions in Caracas with some paintings, in terms of photography I gave some workshops at the “UPEL” and I was with a photographic exhibition at the Museum ‘Jesús Soto’ with a series of visual poems called ‘Metáforas’ which consisted of decontextualizing objects of their daily use and merging them with others giving it a new meaning, And if we see the tattoo as a new emerging art I have been in 3 expotattoos nationwide obtaining the 2nd place in which it was my first experience, in the expotattoo punto fijo.

Astrid: Are you an independent artist or do you develop within a crew or collective?

Geduis: I am an independent artist, I have rarely had to work collectively.

Astrid: What personal message do you try to project when you express yourself artistically?

Geduis: More than a personal message I think they are social criticisms and traditions, but in a more poetic and even philosophical way, not as crude as reality sometimes warrants.

Astrid: How did you come to focus on doing few activities and not as many as at the beginning?

Geduis: First I realized that manual was my thing, and so I turned poetry into photography, photography into painting, painting into tattoos and I think nothing is unrelated.

Astrid: What social impact do you think your work as an artist can have?

Geduis: As much as social impact I think not, since that merits a fairly high mass of people, but with him seeing it putting him to question it is already an achievement.

Astrid: Between digital and manual tools, which is more comfortable for you?

Geduis: I am currently getting involved with the digital world from illustration and I find painting and drawing extremely rich, not counting the time you save on drying assuming you paint in oil, it is a very pleasant experience and I enjoy it a lot as well as photography, but nothing fills me more as a person and being than painting.

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

Geduis: Living from art and being happy doing what I like, fulfill and love, without a doubt YES.

Thank you Geduis for sharing part of your artist experience! I look like a great job!
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