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Electrum Up To Date Festival

30.05-02.06 – Different locations, Białystok

You could say that this is the opening of the festival season in Poland. Moreover, it was openly specific, because it was with the Up To Date Festival team, which has been known for over a dozen years. It’s four days of the best music selection from dozens of underground artists.

This year’s edition of UTDF will be held in several locations. It will certainly be a wonderful journey for lovers of both stronger electronics and ambient-carpet sounds. All surrounded by the beautiful region of Podlasie. The festival program is as follows:

DAY 1: Thursday (30/05)

This year’s edition of the Electrum Up To Date festival will begin with the Opening Concert at the Białystok Puppet Theater, and on the same evening we will move with you to the industrial Arsenał Elektrownia Gallery. We will end the first day of UTDF with a party lasting until 5:00.

FESTIVAL DAY 2 and 3: Friday (31/05) and Saturday (01/06)

On Friday and Saturday we will return to the Branicki Palace auditorium, where the much-loved Central Ambient Salon will take place. Recharge your batteries while lying on the carpets, because after the ambient music, we will take you to our outdoor, night spot in Białystok, where you will experience a diverse line-up on two festival stages until dawn.

DAY 4: Sunday (02/06)

The last day of the Electrum Up To Date festival will end with a ceremonial Closing Concert, to which we will also invite you to the Białystok Puppet Theater. However, we cannot imagine not being able to talk to you. Afterwards, we invite you to land together after the festival and exchange impressions, i.e. to our “Good Night” event.

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