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Crixo will envelop you in his sculptural vision.

Crixo Aponte is a sculptor and architect born in Caracas in 1973. Today he talks to us about his wonderful and immersive sculptural work, enjoy!

Astrid: Where does your desire to make art come from?

Crixo: More than a desire it was something instinctive, I think we all communicate through art before speaking or writing. Art allows us to express things that words do not, in my childhood there were still no video games or the internet, and I also had no brothers or sisters, so I was alone a lot, In those days I spent a lot of time modeling plasticine figures, reproducing pictures from magazines, and listening to music. However, at that time I had no interest in turning my passion into a career, it was just a game. I believe that as children we do what we like naturally, simply because we are wise without even realizing it.

Astrid: What techniques do you mostly use and which do you enjoy the most?

Crixo: When modeling sculptures, my preference is to work with plaster; it is easy to work with, has a fast setting time, and allows me to make formal decisions quickly. I always make my models in manageable sizes; it is important to achieve harmonious, balanced proportions that allow me to produce sculptures that can later be made in small, medium, or large scales, depending on the project.

Astrid: What is your objective or message when painting, drawing, sculpting, or assembling?

Crixo: My work is more about creating questions than conveying messages. I am interested in capturing attention, exploring sensuality in volume, and promoting a moment to imagine. I usually make shapes that evoke abstracted bodies. Everything is generated in the viewer’s mind. I seek to motivate the spectator to step out of a purely contemplative state by suggesting shapes that encourage him to imagine. The act of imagining in itself is creative, to imagine is to create. This year I present a series of introspective and voluptuous muses who remain unnoticed of their nudity.

Astrid: Do you have any character that inspires or influences you?

Crixo: I am profoundly inspired by a wide range of things; music, the human body, the folds of skin, some conversations, the shape of clouds, etc. There are also various figures like Brancusi, Agustín Cárdenas, Gego, Zaha Hadid, Isamu Noguchi, Jorge de Oteiza, and Hans Arp who have inspired me greatly and influenced my work in various ways.

Astrid: What other trades do you have outside of sculpture?

Crixo: My interests include drawing and photography, as well as sculpture. I worked as an architect and designer in France, Italy and Spain for a few years as well.

Astrid: Do you think your work can have a great impact on the cultural movement in your country?

Crixo: My goal as an artist is to influence as many people as possible, and I’ve been more successful abroad. Countries like Sweden, the USA, and Canada have been more receptive to my art.

Astrid: And finally, any message for young people who want to start in the art world?

Crixo: Ask yourself this question: would I do it even if no one paid me for it? Although I do not recommend working for free, the answer to that question will give you an idea of why you are thinking about dedicating yourself to art. Maybe you do it for other reasons, because you want it or it makes you feel fulfilled. These are both worthwhile reasons to devote yourself to art.

Many thanks to Crixo for allowing me to conduct this interview today, for me it is always an honor to be able to talk with these wonderful artists and learn more about their work.
I invite you to follow him on his social networks.

Social media:
Instagram: @crixoaponte
Linkedin: Crixo Aponte

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