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Crime – Hardcore Band

Delito is a Venezuelan Hardcore band that resides in Caracas and today we will have the pleasure of talking with one of its members who will talk to us about the objectives of the band and let us know musical and personal aspects of each of its members as a band.

Astrid: Since when have you been playing together as a band?

Huascar: Hello how are you? greetings from Huascar Rodríguez vocalist of the band.

This project exists since the end of 2014 when a group of friends from Caracas after having played in several bands of the local hardcore punk scene met to listen to music and exchange ideas.

Among these conversations flowed the name of Crime, as a slogan that encompasses the conduct and attitude of the one who is against the established norms, which are not only the criminals of common crimes but also those who are considered criminals of ideas.

Specifically the current lineup we could say that it began its formation in August 2018, which was when José al Bajo entered the band and that closes in August 2019 when Nitro is integrated into the Guitar.

Astrid: Are they the same members from the beginning?

Huascar: No, over time several friends and colleagues have passed through the band, at first we were Antony Da Corte (Vocals), Samuel Vivas (Drums), Guillermo Martinez (Guitar), Jhoan Garcia (Bass) and my person Huascar Rodriguez (Voice); then how do I tell you above since 2019 that Nitro joined we have found again a stability we have consolidated current lineup that we are Samuel Vivas (Drums and choirs), Jose Omaña (Bass), Nitro (Guitar and Choirs) and me as the main voice.

Astrid: What is the message you want to convey with your lyrics?

Huascar: First what we are looking for as a band is only to demonstrate that anyone who proposes and organizes with people, with ideas in which they coincide can carry out a project and in general promote the culture of solidarity among those of us who belong to the independent musical field especially in hardcore punk here in Caracas.

So as we live in Caracas we talk about the problems that the daily citizen lives in the city both the good and the bad because if on the one hand we denounce police abuse, corruption, bipartisanship, etc. We also deal with issues that are more linked to our codes that are based on the values that unite us as humans: respect, love, solidarity, and the way of seeing life from our trenches.

Astrid: What genre defines you as a band?

Huascar: Crime has many influences ranging from hip hop classics to New York Harcore and International Harcore Punk, we always try to find the balance between hardcore punk that we like with shades of rapcore but anything can happen, we at times due to the adversities of the country have been reduced to three members and it has been considered to continue as a rap group, but being true to the scene where we grew up, the sound of the band is definitely Hardcore.

Astrid: What is the objective of One Blood Venezuela and what function does Delito fulfill within the Crew?

Huascar: One Blood Venezuela was born in 2020 by the union between several bands and artists from Caracas and Maracay. This union is given as a need to organize events aimed at the hardcore and rapcore scene of the country. With a small but growing movement, the bands Visión Real, Sentencia de Muerte, NODS, La Mueka, Delito, Zikoticos Armadas and Raperos Norraiz and Carlos Montes joined.

I think that in the beginning the function of Crime was to be the link between Caracas and Maracay at the Hardcore level, when we met the corduroys of Visión Real everything changed and the priorities and functions also because we are a crowd involved and the functions depend on what we are organizing, if it is a touch, Touching, but if it is to organize an event is to help in the tasks that we distribute as a team, everything depends on the day and the event, that is what defines the characteristics of what to do.

Astrid: What other job do you have outside of the band?

Huascar: There are several things we do outside the band, at least I’m a photographer and I have a project with my print partner called Mood Print, the guys…

Jose Omaña: “I work as a salesman and I am currently training as a luthier with the National System of Orchestras”

Luis Nitro: “I currently work as an appliance and computer technician.”

Samuel Vivas: “The truth today I consider myself a person with two jobs, which are music and cooking. The world of cooking is “related” or “compared” to music. Since first it has to be done with the heart. Feelings are very involved. In every dish or in every song.”

As you can see we have some characteristics as a band that complement us when working as a crew.

Astrid: What was the band’s first material and when did it premiere?

Huascar: We had the opportunity between March and April 2017 to have some recording sessions where we recorded in its entirety the theme of “Odio en las Calles” that we had saved for a couple of years for various reasons that were linked to the entry and exit of people from the band, both to the situation that Venezuela was going through in those days.

Already for July 10, 2019 we decided to release the subject in our social networks is there when Andrea Suegart (Audiovisual Director) approaches us with an idea to make the video clip of the theme showed us a technical script which we defined and in a couple of rehearsal sessions and live touch we rolled, then in charge of the post-production was our corduroy Geovanni of GBH productions for February 29, 2020 at a party of One Blood Venezuela premiere the video with all our corduroys.

Astrid: How many collaborations have you done and with which artists?

Huascar: There are several colleagues from the scene with whom we have made collaborations for example on stage we are always invited by ‘Visión Real’, a band with which we share a drummer at the moment, to interpret a song called “Think, React, Explode”. We have also collaborated with ‘Sangre Fría Records’ which is a label of our brother Pablo of NODS, with him and together with Legado we made a Split called “Our Legacy is the Crime” in addition to those collaborations we have also participated in the Compilation “Violent Noises” that our brother Moisés vocalist of Omerta carries and in the compilation of the Venezuelan fanzine Asalto Urbano.

Astrid: Do your members belong to other bands? Which?

Huascar: Yes, as I say, the move here in Venezuela is small then that’s why between bands we share members and we support each other for example Samuel Vivas (drummer) is playing with Visión Real, Zikoticos Armadas and La Mueka. Luis Nitro (Guitarist) is active in the Street Punk group, Omerta.

Astrid: What is the main objective of each of the members for the band?

Jose Omaña: “I think that each of the members as individual beings should function as a pillar for the band and share the same vision to be in total harmony and go far”

Luis Nitro: “I want to help the scene on a musical level. I am not a studied musician. But I apply myself to it. Crime can mark an evolution of Caracas hardcore. And I will be willing to give all my essence to achieve that goal. Always maintaining my experiences. And bring to the hardcore scene”

Samuel Vivas: “The purpose of the band and at the same time of the members is simply to make the ones we like! And what we like is to make music, hxc music. punk. Rap!

At the same time we keep the scene alive, it is a rough and disadvantaged struggle… But however our crew is quite strong and solid”

To conclude I think that the purpose of this project is first to have fun, to make sense of that moment we have to express our ideas with our friends, colleagues and people who are interested in our music. What we are looking for is that others are motivated to create outside the established, that they see that there are other ways of doing things and organizing ourselves where there are no hierarchies but people who walk by your side and with mutual support and solidarity the planned materializes. My commitment to Delito is to be the best version of me and enjoy with my band brothers what the way has prepared for us.

We thank the guys from Delito for allowing us to know more about the band, in difficult times we can see that even in the streets and bars of the city you can hear very good bands and that they bring us messages of resistance and protest.

If you want to listen to something about this very good band I leave your networks and Youtube channel.

Social media:

Instagram: @Delitohxc

Youtube: Hardcore Crime

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