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Cannabis in society: A problem or an opportunity?

A subject that sets off the alarms of the most conservative ears, less immoral than sexuality, but much more immoral than alcohol.

Guess what are we talking about: Cannabis, I wanted to know a little more exactly the general opinion, in various countries and different age ranges, about this herb, medicine, drug, demon or salvation, terms that are within the words they shout when they hear Marijuana.

I have been an active consumer daily for 20 years, an advocate of its use in a conscious way, pro-legalization.

Clearly the negative propaganda towards this striking plant is of great intensity and spans from times and decades ago, remembering a little of what is shown in the documentary “Grass” where you can see how the demonization of this plant was used to discredit its recreational and medicinal properties.

I believe that, like all plants, they have their medicinal powers and I find interesting their use in different products to help relieve pain, muscle disorders, treat parkinson’s disease and many other applications.

As a recreational user, I feel that Cannabis has helped me with my creative side, however, I never showed signs of addiction, something that I experienced full blown with tobacco (nicotine).

I feel that it has helped me to achieve better performance, both in my job and as a mother.

Even knowing that we can perform better in our jobs, trades, routines and in our lifestyle, it is still frame and view of negative opinion, I invite you to read these people, some consumers and some not, and then leave us yours in the comments!

Relationship Person-Plant

I have been an active consumer for 20 years (daily), advocate of its use in a conscious way, pro – legalization.

HDM, 36, Venezuela.

I have a relationship, so to speak, recreational, and at the same time medicinal, in moments of stress, work and maternal, I resort to a break.

Anonymous, 23, Venezuela.

My relationship with cannabis is very close because I have been using it for many years. For fun or therapeutic purposes, it helps me to sleep, to relax or in moments of leisure.

Anonymous, 34, Argentina.

Medical Cannabis

I think that medicine with cannabis is on the right track, but more can be achieved, personally I think it is a magical plant that should be studied further, and not just stay as “The plant that relaxes the sick”.

Anonymous, 23, Venezuela.

I think that the advances are positive, taking into account that everyone should be free to experiment and use the medicine that offers the most benefit. Each body and each system are unique, so I think, it is a work of self-knowledge and exploration that everyone should do to see what suits them best. Undoubtedly, it is an alternative that can alleviate and heal diseases.

HDM, 36, Venezuela.

I believe that, like all plants, it has its medicinal powers and I find interesting its use in different products to help relieve pain, muscle disorders, treat Parkinson’s and many other applications.

Anonymous, 34, Argentina.

Bad trips or all happiness?

Like any depressant drug, you should know when to use it and not abuse it.

Anonymous, 34, Argentina.

The first pale ones from smoking weed and not having eaten before, Ha,ha!

Anonymous, 23, Venezuela.

Yes, occasionally at the level of productivity and decision making. Above all, in cases or periods of abuse and consumption without a specific intention, I have seen my ability to concentrate limited. Invasive thoughts that can become overwhelming.

HDM, 36, Venezuela.

Types of consumption

Daily, from the time I get up until I go to bed. Dosed up to about 1.5 standard size joints a day. Lately I’ve been taking 5-7 day breaks when I’ve been feeling cloudy or saturated, from excessive consumption.

HDM, 36, Venezuela.

The joint..

Anonymous, 23, Venezuela.

I usually smoke joints, good buds, zero contraband. All clean, hygienic.

Anonymous, 34, Argentina.

Positive or negative?

It’s usually positive, I usually consume it after doing things that require a lot of effort, I don’t go out on my bike smoked, because it slows down your senses, or do anything that requires my undivided attention. Sometimes cooking, which can end in disaster, but that’s the fun part. And I try not to smoke when I’m in a low mood, because it doesn’t help.

Anonymous, 34, Argentina.

Positive, I feel that it has helped me to achieve a better performance, both in my work, and also helps me to cope with emotional burdens and improve my mental health.

Anonymous, 23, Venezuela.

Both. Positive in terms of calm, creativity and mood. Negative, in terms of concentration, motivation and personal economy.

HDM, 36, Venezuela.

Many asked me for anonymity in the survey and this is due to the same taboo that consuming an “illegal” plant represents in this society, what if my mom finds out, what if my boss, etc.

I leave in recommendation a documentary on the history of marijuana in the United States, which focuses on the demonization of the herb through advertising.

Thank you very much for reading us!

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