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Bours? – Jasna 1

14.04.2023 – Jasna 1, Warszawa

Introducing Theia Crush, the new project on the Polish techno scene! Their latest venture sees them exploring the realms of the French hardgroove scene and they’ve enlisted the help of a promising young producer and DJ who’s already taken the international stage by storm – Bours.

At just 29 years old, Thomas is the proud owner of Thump Out Traxx, a flourishing label that boasts releases on prominent platforms like RAW, Gomboc Records, Dusk, Maison Close and COUP. His tracks have rocked dancefloors around the world and if you don’t recognize his name yet, we guarantee you’ve heard his music played during sets by some of the world’s top DJs. Thomas has graced events like Posession, Teletech and Verknipt with his signature high-energy performance style and timeless track selection that keeps the crowd moving non-stop. This April, he’s set to make his debut appearance in Warsaw and we can’t wait to see what magic he brings to the stage!

Joining Bours is one of Poland’s most intriguing producers and sound explorers – absvrd aka fi;end – a talented DJ who’s linked with the dynamic Trainspotting crew. He’s gained a reputation for his impeccable selection and is a popular event promoter, having spearheaded outstanding projects like Sunday Chaos. Also on the lineup is Rust, a Theia Crush co-founder whose passion for music has taken him around the world.

Meanwhile, in the Bar room, our very own resident DJ Daisy Cutter will be taking you on an unforgettable All Night Long experience. Prepare to relax and let loose at the same time as she guides you through a wild journey of music and beats. We are going to join!

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