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Bloody Mary – I hope that in 40 years or more, people will still listen to my music and enjoy dancing to it.

Bloody Mary is an internationally renowned Producer, Live Act, DJ, Label Owner of Dame-Music, and Tresor Berlin resident.

Hey Mary, nice to meet you! How was the recent event in Crackhouse, Poland?

Hi guys, nice meeting you and thanks for having me on Underton. The Tresor showcase at Crackhouse was amazing! I love how the turntables were situated in the middle of the room, this created so much energy on the dance floor. The club was packed, and to be surrounded by so many people meant that there was such a special vibe in the room. The sound system in this place is one of the best, and it was really enjoyable to spin vinyl there. I have such great memories of that night and I can’t wait to be back to this venue next time! Playing in Poland is always a good feeling.

For me personally, one of the biggest achievements in my career is that I also perform as a live act, as being on stage sharing only my own work is something different than mixing tracks from other artists.

Going back to the beginning, what age did you start to be interested in music production? Are there any specific artists who inspired you then?

First of all, I started collecting music on vinyl from a young age, spinning records has always been a passion and it still is to this day. I’ve always wanted to play tracks that no one else plays, and there’s more chance to find secret weapons on wax than on digital in my opinion.. I also like spending hours (and hours..) in record shops!

In some way, my record collection has always been a source of inspiration, listening to timeless tracks by artists like Thomas P. Heckmann, Josh Wink, and also many inspirational artists from Detroit and Chicago, who were using my favourite pieces of gear: the Roland TR-909 and TB-303. The fact that I was also listening to a lot
of bands such as Depeche Mode or Joy Division, meant that I have many influences which has lead to me being a versatile musician these days. It took me years and tonnes of hours in the studio to learn how to produce and mix
down my tracks but after all this time, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made and that people can enjoy my music on the dance floor or anywhere else. I bought all my gear, step by step, piece by piece, as it’s always been important for me to build my own studio and space. For me personally, one of the biggest achievements in my career is that I also perform as a live act, as being on stage sharing only my own work is something
different than mixing tracks from other artists.

Tell us about how your collaboration with Tresor Berlin started.

I think it goes without saying that Tresor is a techno institution. When I started buying vinyl at an early age, I immediately started collecting many records from the Tresor label and this was the best introduction to what Tresor is and what it represents. From 2011, I started playing regularly at the club in Berlin and I began as a
resident a few years after. I have the ability to play my live set or to spin records on either of the two floors, so this also gives me more freedom as a musician. Since 2022, I started co-curating line ups at the club with my label Dame-Music and more exciting collaborations with Tresor are on the way for the coming year.

I hope that in 40 years or more, people will still listen to my music and enjoy dancing to it.

You play around the world. Are there specific local scenes which drive you the most? Do you have countries you like to visit because of their approach to music production / DJing or every time you go back to Germany you think this is an irreplaceable environment?

There are many places which I always find fascinating and very inspiring for their musical culture and rich musical history, such as Detroit, Chicago or New York for example. I started touring the USA at the beginning of my career and for me it’s very important to go back there on tour as often as I can throughout the course of each
year. The fact that I signed on American record labels has given me the opportunity to continue to grow my musical career there over the years. Every country / continent has its own unique charm and culture and it’s always intriguing how we can learn from this. Travelling the world every weekend is an unique privilege and I’m very grateful to be able to share my passion for music in many different places.

You willingly share your knowledge of music production. What do you think is the current recipe for a unique style and being recognized as a professional producer? Is it the advantage of old, classic synthesizers and groove boxes, which are hard to get anymore, or maybe the newest instruments?

There isn’t really a unique style anymore nowadays, as we have all been inspired by others who’ve already created these sounds. What makes the difference is the way we process and arrange our tracks. Using computers and DAWs means the options we have available to us are almost limitless. For any producers just starting out, ultimately the studio and gear doesn’t make you the producer that you are, it’s your creativity and time spent in the studio that makes the difference, and you can’t buy this. And as I’ve always said, you won’t be remembered in the future for the amount of gigs you play, the legacy you leave will only be determined by the music you create!

I hope that in 40 years or more, people will still listen to my music and enjoy dancing to it.

What’s your way to keep focus and creativity spending a long time in a studio?

Maybe the cold and grey weather in Berlin?…

How could you describe your music style?

I play the drums the same as my own personality, really energetic!

Do you have any specific plans for the nearest future?

I’m a workaholic, even now, I’m answering this interview from the plane… The release schedule for the next 2 years on Dame-Music is already taking shape. We’re organizing the future label showcases which will take place worldwide. The first one is in Los Angeles in January 2024 where we will join forces with the infamous Incognito crew presenting Dame-Music label artists Josh Wink and myself. Of course, some of the other nights this year will be at my home base Tresor. In March, I’m honoured to be part of a V/A for an outstanding electro label from
the UK, run by Slam. My next solo EP will also be out this spring on Dame-Music as catalogue number
050, it’s a big achievement for me as I’ve been running my own vinyl imprint for more than 10 years. On top of this, I’m currently working on my fresh new live set which I will present in a few months. I have more new music coming too, but will announce it during 2024.

Tell us five tracks you now have in your mind or they are on the top of
your playlist.

This question is a bit tricky as I don’t like ranking artists’ work. Music is subjective, we are all free to interpret it how we want. So in no particular order, here’s some producers who’ve produced a lot of tracks which I enjoy spinning in my sets: Thomas P. Heckmann, Anné, Dasha Rush, Damon Wild and Fear-E.

Thanks for the talk!

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Instagram: @bloodymary_dj

Facebook: Bloody Mary

SoundCloud: Bloody Mary

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