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Ben Klock in Warsaw

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Ben Klock Underton

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Excuse me, what's the fuss? Oh, Ben Klock. One of those who never sleep, recreating the musical tastes of millions of techno fans.

The five-star DJ, supported by artists of the highest caliber, has climbed to the top of the rankings over the last 20 years and each subsequent album seems to confirm this tendency.

He emitted the first sounds from the needles of turntables on a wider scale in the '90s, performing in WMF, Tresor and other recognized clubs. These were the times when Ben's own style was formed, which is the natural process of evolution of any artist. It wasn't until Berghain's opening in 2004 that he felt that the techno scene was the right direction for musical development. Impressed by this place, he expressed an opinion that has a wide impact on the culture he represents: "The appearance and acoustics of this place reflect the essence of technical music. Everything comes together in one club. When I choose tracks for my sets, I only think in terms of Berghain and PanoramaBar, this is the place that stimulates me to act." After releases for labels such as WMF, BPitch Control and Memo, it was under Berghain's Ostgut Ton (Ostgut Tonträger) that he spread his wings and gained wider fame. The first EP under the sign of Ostgut Ton was released in cooperation with Ben Klock and Marcello Dettmann, who remain friends to this day.

The next releases for this label are Czeslawa | Warsaw (o-ton 05), Scenario (o-ton 11), Remixes (o-ton 26), Compression Session (o-ton 42) and Dawning/Dawning (Revisited) (o-ton ltd 01). Mentioning Ben's achievements, one cannot ignore his own brand Klockworks, under whose banner he publishes new productions and promotes such artists as DVS1, Etapp Kyle or Rod. It was thanks to Klockworks that many of them were presented to a wider audience.

Ben Klock's performances attract thousands of fans every time, and on November 29, 2013 we will hear him together with the British Scuba at the Soho Factory in Warsaw. It will not be the first event with Ben's participation in Poland, but previous events have clearly shown great interest in this character, which is not a surprise to anyone. The latest edition from the Klockworks workshop (11) entitled Anindica belongs to Benny Rodrigues. We are looking forward to the presentation of this album in the set during the performance in Poland. Would you also like to hear this number live?

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