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Dominic Leix

Freedom Parade

31.08.2024, Łodź

L.F.T. – “My heart definitely beats for the small underground clubs”

A DJ, producer and live act who is exploding onto the realms of contemporary electronic music more with each passing day. His music defines...

Szymon Weiss – Only One Life Left

Szymon Weiss - the first Pole in Stil vor Talent, remixed by techno giants Landstrumm and Tolkachev, a renowned mix and mastering engineer at...

Muse Festival 2024

26-28.07, Goszcz Palace

HOZHO at Praga Centrum

21.06, Warszawa

Ptakova – Leaving your comfort zone opens you to new horizons

Sometimes what inspires the most comes from non-obvious connections and new experiences. Ptakova talks about her artistic journey and preparations for the Carbon Silesia...

Underton Live platform launch!

The reception of the video stream for artists exceeded our expectations, but we don't stop there. We have put many months of hard work...

SFORA | Music camp: Unlearning

14-17.06.2024, Rajgród

Skalpel meets The Very Polish Cut Outs

What a surprise that such obvious collaboration is only now taking place! We are currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the...

CARBON Silesia Festival

14-15.06.2024, Zabrze

Electrum Up To Date Festival

30.05-02.06, Białystok


It's been a while since the CEL club debuted on the music scene in Silesia. However, looking at the multitude and intensity of events...

6 years on a stage with Acidtropicália!

After 6 years of operation, they are actually just getting started. From the very beginning, they have focused on their unique character and do...

Underton Sessions: Bloody Mary

18.05.2024, Katowice