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Art of ‘Popurrí’ Caribbean Traveler

A traveler with a wealth of talents tells us today about her artistic journey, Sthefanny Infante, Venezuelan and Caribbean. Enjoy!

Astrid: Tell us about all your virtues as an artist.

Sthef: I think that as an artist, I think you should always diversify, find all the versions of everything we can become as an artist in my case i think really like to divide myself between music photography, mural painting a little also between the craft, the work of collage assemblage and also a little sculpture I think I have walked through all these disciplines and even the scenic disciplines, theater dance also I have shared a time and I think all that has helped me to complement my work.

And tattooing has also been an important part of my growth as an artist because among all the things I learned on the trip (because in my travel time) tattooing was always very present tattooing was always very present, it accompanied me, it was a very nice way to connect with people and with the trip itself.

Astrid: Of all the things you do, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Sthef: What I enjoy doing most is photography. I like to document everyday life and the street.

Astrid: Do you think that in a certain way in the 21st century women are still excluded from the arts? 

Sthef: It depends on the social and cultural context of the arts, there are many projects and spaces that converge without gender preference. In some spaces such as street muralism, for example, or music, one can perceive a little exclusion of women, but very subtly, so that it is not evident, a passive exclusion.

Astrid: Tell us about your experience with photography.

Sthef: Studying photography has been a beautiful decision in my life. And I practice it permanently, I capture life and everything that happens in it in my travels. Photographs tell stories. I experience light and shapes as well and I see how the light changes in every place I go.

Astrid: What has been your best travel experience?

Sthef: Wow, it is difficult to define just one as “The best” experience, because I have been to many places and I have seen spectacles, masterful landscapes. I think what fills my travel experience the most is all the connections I’ve been able to make on the road.

Astrid: Do you think your work has an impact on society?

Sthef: I don’t know, it could be, influencing or impacting others is important, I like to teach and share what I have learned and practiced, teaching would then be a way to impact, and transmit knowledge that can help other people to grow in their lives. So yes, we have the task of making a positive impact on other lives!

Astrid: Tell us what is your personal goal when writing about a trip or experience?

Sthef: My objective when writing is to bring out this perception that I have about some experience, and that after having lived it I still feel it, and I want to share it, my personal objective is also to be eloquent in the expression of what I write and more if it is in first person, so that when other people read it, they can immerse themselves and practically live the experience through what they read.

Astrid: Do you have any character that is influential for you?

Sthef: Actually, I admire a lot of people, especially girls! who write or are in the art management world. And I read them and watch them, and I admire the discipline to stay doing what makes them evolve and keep flourishing. I would have to make a very big list of all of them.

Astrid: What would be the work you would like to do that you haven’t been able to do yet?

Sthef: To work as a volunteer in elephant reserves in Africa (it’s like a utopian dream but it is possible), and to work as a photo correspondent in an international media of social, touristic and environmental interest.

Astrid: What do you think Venezuela needs to promote more culture?

Sthef: Discipline. Constancy and inclusion, honesty, divergence, in perspectives. Understanding that there are multiple angles from which culture exists and grows in different and infinite ways.

Thank you very much to Sthef for allowing me to conduct this interview today, for me it is always an honor to learn more about these great artists and their talents, I invite you to follow her on her social networks and digital platforms.

Social media:
Instagram: @popurricaribe

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