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A world in black and white through the eye of Andres Ortegón

A black and white photograph that inspires you a world without color, but at the same time makes you imagine how immense is the world of imaginary colors. I invite you to enjoy this amazing talk! Check this out!

Where was Andrés Ortegón Rozo born?
Andrés: Bogotá, Colombia

When and how was your encounter with photography?
Andrés: I have been dabbling in the world of photography since approximately 2016, the interest was born from an introspective exercise that arises in my training process as a psychologist.
The exercise consisted of working on my connection with the present time, that is, “The Here and Now” and photography invited me to realize everything that happens around me in the present time and to have the option to capture and perpetuate valuable moments.

Where does the name of your photographic project “Intuition act” come from?

Andrés: The name “Intuition act” comes as a result of this introspective exercise. Since each photograph is given as an intuitive act, it is like an impulse to want to capture, capture and communicate what I perceive and feel at that precise moment. It is a therapeutic exercise.

Tell us a little about your phase as a videographer

Andrés: I’m currently exploring the field of filmmaking. Trying to stay true to the meaning of “Intuition act” and being able to make disorder into order and vice versa.
I like to explore and play with filming especially when it can be integrated with music.
I share with you an Instagram link where you can see my most recent work that I did together with the collaboration of @calaverony. The filming took place during a photo shoot.
Video link:

You are also a Dj, how do you manage to merge all the artistic attributes?

Andrés: I like to perceive myself as an artist, beyond photographer or DJ. I feel that perceiving myself as an artist allows me to explore different fields related to art and not reduce my world and creativity to a single field. In that order of ideas, currently, I can use my skills in the field of photography to feed my projects as a dj and vice versa.

What genre do you like to dabble in as a DJ?

Andrés:Dark techno, ebm, industrial techno.

Do you belong to a group or crew or do you work independently?

Andrés: I work as a freelancer, always willing to collaborate with different artists.

What has been the best experience as a photographer and as a DJ?

Undoubtedly the best experience has been the process in general, that is, getting to know new ways of seeing the world, getting to know new places, discovering myself as an artist, perceiving myself as an artist, believing myself as an artist and clearly meeting more artists to share creative processes with them.

Finally, it has been a great experience to realize that everything is a constant learning and a constant evolution, that there is always more to learn and to be grateful for.

Instagram: @intuition_act_photography


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