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A world full of talent, skill and circus!

York Yennith Itriago better known as ‘York’, is a talented woman dedicated to the world of circus, born in Caracas / Venezuela in 1992, today tells us a little about her circus skills, a beautiful and fun talent full of magic. Enjoy it!

Astrid: How and when was your first encounter with the circus world?

York: Wow, I don’t remember exactly; What I do remember is that since I was a child I always attended circus performances, theater festivals and various extraordinary activities.
Then at the age of 15 I started playing with 3 balls quite simple, I met a juggler boy and little by little I was training and learning with him and from one moment to another boom! I was already performing in the communities of Caracas.
I also had the opportunity to do a course of artistic improvement in the “New Circus” there I also had the opportunity to present myself with several circus shows.
After a while I traveled to Brazil, there I had the opportunity to belong to 2 circus schools and always covering that part of celebrations.

Astrid: What was your first juggling toy?

York: The nails.

Astrid: What techniques do you use?

York: My strength is juggling (nails, hoops, torches, knives) and balances (unicycle and stilts), technique on stage, I also have a little knowledge in aerial and acrobatics (very simple).

Astrid: Any techniques that you don’t practice yet but want to master?

York: I’ve always been struck by fakirism. I have never practiced it.

Astrid: What was your first experience with the public?

York: Since I was little I practiced theater and ballet, I always remember the presentations of the school and all that. More after growing up I grabbed the gustico and I can say that each presentation, each stage and each audience is different.

Astrid: What is it like to make a lighthouse for you?

York: For me it is a way of self-management to be able to express and teach a talent and skill in 1 minute, it is to be able to see good and bad reactions from that public as demanding as the street public, it is to dare to be able to be who one really is, despite the prejudices in the street.

Astrid: Do you work independently or belong to any crew?

York: Independent and sometimes some presentations with celebration companies.

Astrid: Have you participated in events nationally and internationally?

York: If here in Venezuela and Brazil I had the opportunity to attend and perform at ‘Theater Festivals’, in street circus meetings, conventions, cultural spaces.

Astrid: Any characters of influence or inspiration?

York: All the juggling girls!

Astrid: Would you do this for the rest of your life?

York: As long as it can be clear that yes, circus art is a tool that serves for life, what is well learned is never forgotten.

Thank you very much to York for allowing me to talk with her today about her artistic work, for me it is always an honor to be able to know more about these artists and their talents, I invite you to follow her on her social networks.

Social media:
Instagram: @york_y_s
Facebook: York Yennith

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