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10 bands that will replace Black Sabbath

To be clear, Black Sabbath are irreplaceable. First of all, as pioneers and as a kind of model. But, hand on heart – who of you still returns to the new album released half a year ago? The group’s first studio album in 18 years. In the line-up with Ozzy Osbourne – from 35! Well, who?

Disc 13 is good. Even very good. But somehow it’s hard for me to get rid of the impression that it is largely such a museum curiosity. Especially when at the same time several or a dozen other bands release albums at least as interesting. And the fact that they all learned from Black Sabbath is another story.

Reach out to these bands first when you get bored with Sabbaths.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Sound and image from the era, great compositions, atmosphere of old horror and occultism. Three fantastic records. Crackling and sounding old-school to such an extent that you can really be under the illusion that these are some forgotten recordings from the 60s. He enters in the blink of an eye, without drinking. Did you see the band at the Off Festival this year? If so, I don’t need to add anything, because you must have been captivated. If not – there will be an opportunity to see them in March in Warsaw.


One of the older bands in this set and one of the pioneers of the retro style. Expressive and original, even despite a noticeable change in style on the latest album. Like doom metal, but easily digestible and friendly. They paved the way for many Swedish bands from this scene, combining blues groove, catchy riffs and classic guitar sound.

Royal Thunder

My favorites. First of all, thanks to Mlny Parsonz (yes, Mlny, it’s not a typo), a vocalist and bass player, extraordinarily talented and endowed with a solid voice. CVI is one of the best albums of 2012. And you can hear a lot on it. There’s hard rock from the 70s. (Black Sabbath too, of course), American alternative from the early 90s, progressive rock, blues, doom, sludge – all combined neatly and classy.

Witch Mountain

One more of a whole bunch of doom bands with female vocals (from them you could put together a separate ten). Uta Plotkin sings differently than Mlny Parsonz, higher, more manneristically, perhaps theatrically. In combination with strongly Sabbath riffs, it gives a good effect. There is a lot of tension, anxiety, horror. Characteristically and fresh in spite of everything.

Mountain Witch

And if Google searches, combing the web, presents you with words in the name of the band, do not worry. You will find an equally interesting team from Hamburg, Germany. Their proposal this year, the album Cold River is sabbath in the best style. A classic guitar-bass-drums trio (with vocals, to be precise), like many on this list.


They are more sabbath than Black Sabbath. I’m not kidding. Especially now, when Black Sabbath have modernized their sound, and Orchid still play as they did 40 years ago. Their debut, Capricorn, was enthusiastically received and I’m still a little puzzled. In the middle of the tracks you can hear obvious carbon copies of classic works of Iommi and the rest. On the second album, the situation repeats itself. Or maybe that’s the point, that they are similar, and sometimes even identical? As imitators, they are perfect.


Ghost (known as Ghost B.C. in the United States) is probably the most colorful team described. And, paradoxically, the most mysterious. They all hide under masks and, with the exception of the singer, dressed up as the satanic Pope Papa Emeritus II, are known as the “Nameless Ghouls.” The band has already become recognizable, they also play quite original music. There is a lot of circus in it, flirting with pop, but also occult motifs, treated with the right distance.


Go to a concert of Germans from Kadavar one day and you will see something extraordinary. These guys not only sound, but also look like they were transported straight from the early 70s. Everything from tight trousers and vests to long hair and beards is with them from 40 years ago. The impression that they have confused the times is considerable, and when they start playing, it only deepens. And this is not a complaint – what they play is really good!


Now something heavier. Windhand from Richmond, Virginia is dark, stuffy, claustrophobic doom metal. Slow tempos, low sounds are also the legacy of Black Sabbath. But of the classic bands, they are probably closest to Electric Wizard. Their second album, Soma, released in October, shows that they do not deviate from their standards in terms of level and potential.

Black Pyramid

Especially the debut of the Americans from 2009 is a sensational album, with a parade of excellent riffs, but there is also a lot to listen to on subsequent albums. Black Pyramid present a slightly more aggressive approach to music than Black Sabbath. There is a lot of sludge or stoner doom spirit. Vocalists (there was a change in 2011) are not afraid to roar a little sharper. Although there are also calming acoustic interludes – these are almost a copy of those known from Sabbath albums.

Maybe it was because of these bands and their albums that the return of Black Sabbath in the old line-up did not cause me such shivers as I expected. But I’ll probably go to the concert in June anyway. Such is the power of the legend, this can no longer be replaced by anything and anyone.

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