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Afreeka La Negritud – Rap artist

Today we share this space with Angeles Moreno better known as Afreeka, Rap singer, Venezuelan by birth, her writing led her to Rap and now represents her country with pride, I invite you to learn more about this artist.

“I was like a kind of poetry within my knowledge

Angeles: About 15 or 16 years ago I started writing things, love stories that my friends told me or situations that I was going through. The particular thing is that they had rhymes, but no rhythm, they were like a kind of poetry within my knowledge. In 2008 I wrote my first song with a rap base, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I stepped into a recording studio to make it a reality.

Astrid: How does it feel to be a female rapper in a musical environment where the male gender predominates?

Angeles: I just feel like a person who gives a message within a musical genre that is for it and has been underestimated and distorted; rap is rap, I feel like a rapper in his world, not like a girl in a man’s world. On the other hand, throughout my career I have met many girls, some start and then become interested in other things; others unfortunately have more responsibilities and rap is no longer an option, so I feel fortunate to be able to continue here for those who have not been able to.

 I recorded my first track in 2010, with Magnuss VNZ Records, a great friend and guide in those days. I went to record that song practically forced by some friends. They found out what I was writing and how I rapped through some phone recordings.

“Thank God I’ve had a successful career (within my perception).”

Wow! Truth be told, I have a beautiful paradox with which I lead my life. I’m a CPA, but in music I’m not a fan of numbers hahahaha I don’t count anything. Thank God I’ve had a successful career (within my perception), I’ve done a lot of things, and no matter how many, I’m happy to do them because they fill me, nourish me, feed me and make me happy.

Astrid: When was your first live performance?

Angeles: I don’t really remember, but it was also forced (laughs) another person found out how I rapped, he liked it and invited me to his album, I said yes, I recorded and when it was time to release the album I didn’t imagine having to go and sing (I had already recorded songs, but I didn’t want to go on stage); the thing is that they dragged me away (laughs) but I can say that since that day, something changed, what I enjoy most about all this are the stages.

“I enjoy activism very much, I am involved with it and social work”.

I am a CPA by profession, accounting and financial coach. Besides, I have been able to dabble in the production of events, I have been host and jury in competitions. I really enjoy activism, I am involved with it and social work. And among my trades I am also a slave to my cat, Gala (laughs).

Astrid: Any artist of reference? 

Angeles: Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Marco Antonio Solis, Juan Luis Guerra, Adele, Lil Supa, Nach, and one or two others, but for me, Lauryn is the one who has marked my north the most.

I have had the opportunity to visit several states. Each stage has its own flavor and I enjoy them all in an inexplicable way. I could say that, in terms of audience, the most relevant was in Yaracuy. In terms of billboard, the most notable was the ‘All We Need Is Love’ in honor of ‘Can’ in Maracay. In terms of moment, public and professional situation, opening the concert to Ana Tijoux at the Teresa Carreño. And well, I think El Festival that I won, which was here in Caracas and in a theater, in 2019. Forgive me for never mentioning a single thing, everything is important to me.

Astrid: What is the goal in your lyrics?

Angeles: At this point, my goal is to know myself, to know what surrounds me, to understand it and from my rap, to express a vision that gives me peace, and gives peace to whoever I think identifies it. 

Thank you very much to Afreeka for allowing us to know more of her artistic work, I invite you to follow her on her social networks and enjoy her talent.

Instagram: @afreekaln

Facebook: @afreekaln

Spotify: @Afreeka La Negritud

YouTube: @AfreekaLaNegritud

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